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Support Groups in Central Maryland

  • Maryland Homeschoolers Facebook Group
    Maryland Homeschoolers is the largest private social media group for Maryland homeschoolers. With 5,000+ statewide members, the group is hosted as a safe, inclusive, and diverse community for sharing resources and asking questions about homeschooling.
  • Maryland Homeschool Associations Facebook Page
    The MDHSA Facebook page serves as a public platform for sharing homeschool-specific community-based events. The page also announces legislative and regulatory updates and calls-to-action. You can join the MDHSA Facebook page - OR follow the MDHSA Twitter feed @MD_Homeschool.
  • Baltimore City Hamilton Homeschoolers
    Sharing activities with other homeschooling families in Northeast Baltimore city
  • Free Up Baltimore Homeschool Co op for African-centered families
    A Facebook group limited to active members of The Free Up Co op and their ideas, planning, and direct activities.
  • Jewish homeschoolers- Learning Is Fun Together (J-LIFT)
    An email list that provide opportunities for Jewish homeschoolers and their parents to get together on a semi-regular basis, through trips, outings, and activities.
  • North Baltimore County Homeschool Association
    A Facebook group for naturally minded and peaceful parenting families from the north Baltimore city and county area.
  • JW Maryland Homeschool
    Support group along with educational opportunities, field trips, etc. for Jehovah Witness families in the Baltimore area.
  • Baltimore Catholic Home Schoolers
    A Roman Catholic support group in the Baltimore City and Baltimore County of Maryland.
  • Annapolis Community Home Educators
    Annapolis Community Home Educators is an e-mail community set up to encourage networking and support for homeschooling families in the Annapolis and surrounding areas. We represent a diverse range of religious, political and philosophical beliefs
  • Anne Arundel Tweens & Teens Homeschoolers
    An all inclusive support groupemail group that offers support to Tweens and Teens in Anne Arundel county and any other county willing to travel!
  • Arundel Homeschoolers
    A Christian in-person and online support group (not a co-op)that encourages parents in educating their own children and gin bei a positive impact on the community.
  • Anne Arundel Homeschool Connection
    group to give homeschoolers in Anne Arundel County a way to share activities with other local homeschoolers. Participating in fun activities together gives us the opportunity to make connections, build a strong community and support each other.
  • Arundel Homeschool Support Group (AHSG)
    A Christian homeschool support ministry providing networking, interactive website, email list, member directory, monthly support group meetings, used curriculum and Community Room Space.
  • North County Home Educators (NCHE)
    NCHE is a support group for families in Maryland who have an interest in home education. Most of our meetings are in the northern part of Anne Arundel County, but membership is open to everyone.
  • Anne Arundel Roman Catholic Homeschoolers
  • AARCH is a network to post and find activities for Roman Catholic homeschooling families in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and vicinity. AARCH offers various activities for its members.

  • Adventures in Homeschooling
    A Facebook group for field trips, programs, adventures for homeschoolers based in the Harford/Cecil/Baltimore and surrounding areas.
  • BaHaCeHS = BAltimore, HArford, CEcil HomeSchoolers
    BaHaCeHS is an inclusive, open forum of homeschooling families - many of whom belong to other specific homeschooling groups and umbrella programs. We are proud that our membership consists of a wide variety and broad range of religious and homeschooling philosophies. We expect every member to model tolerance and demonstrate respect to each other and focus our energy on supporting each other in our homeschooling efforts.
  • Holy Family Chapter of TORCH
    A support group for Catholic homeschooling families near Northeastern Baltimore County, near Perry Hall, etc. The group meets at the Overlea-Fullerton Rec. Building on Belair Rd in Overlea.
  • Educating Our Own (EOO)
    An inclusive homeschool support group serving Carroll County and the surrounding areas. Provides activities and support through cooperative effort. Yearly fee to support group insurance and usage of buildings in the area.
  • Columbia, MD Homeschoolers
    A Facebook group for homeschool families who live in or near Columbia, Maryland and are interested in hearing about, telling about, or starting up homeschool classes, activities, sports, playground days, field trips, etc.
  • Central Maryland Homeschoolers
    A Facebook group for homeschoolers in and around Howard County, MD. All religions, political beliefs, and homeschooling philosophies are welcome.
  • Howard County Homeschooling Community
    A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a communal space for homeschooling families to educate and socialize their children in a nature-based, classroom environment.

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