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Support Groups in Western Maryland

  • Appalachian Regional Cooperative
    Appalachian Regional Cooperative is an inclusive group of homeschoolers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We welcome anyone interested in group activities for all ages. The group is open to all homeschooling philosophies, including self-directed and unschooling. We encourage everyone to plan an activity that is open to group members.
  • Garrett County Homeschool
    A Facebook group created as a place where parents & kids can keep updated on local activities in the area - and to post other helpful information ()ex. books for sale, meetings etc)
  • Garrett County MD Homeschool Ideas, Support, Get togethers, Activities
    A Facebook group for locals to post ideas, trips, activities, get togethers, questions, support, or anything to help our kids and parents grow & learn!
  • Progressive Hagerstown Learning Circle (PHLiC)
    A Facebook group for of families working together to make homeschooling our children a rewarding and communal experience. Our group is secular, meaning we are not faith-based, and are all-inclusive. We hope to attract open-minded individuals seeking a progressive environment in which to grow and learn with our children, as well as, create lasting friendships.
  • Western Maryland Homeschoolers
    An email list for a diverse group of homeschooling families with a common interest: homeschooling and it's many forms and types and the best interest of our Children! We welcome any religions or no religion at all to join our group.
  • Homeschool Connectors of Washington County (MD)
    A Facebook group made up of people from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, homeschooling/parenting styles & different political affiliations.
  • Homeschooling in Frederick County, Maryland
    A Facebook group for sharing or requesting information about homeschool co-ops, activities, sports, curriculum for sale, etc.
  • ARCH11
    Catholic support group for Homeschoolers in Maryland and Pennsylvania with most activities centered around the Frederick County, MD area.
  • Maryland Homeschoolers Facebook Group
    Maryland Homeschoolers is the largest private social media group for Maryland homeschoolers. With 5,000+ statewide members, the group is hosted as a safe, inclusive, and diverse community for sharing resources and asking questions about homeschooling.
  • Maryland Homeschool Associations Facebook Page
    The MDHSA Facebook page serves as a public platform for sharing homeschool-specific community-based events. The page also announces legislative and regulatory updates and calls-to-action. You can join the MDHSA Facebook page - OR follow the MDHSA Twitter feed @MD_Homeschool.

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