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  • Homeschool High School Sports Eligibility
    Why homeschoolers can't play on public school teams

  • Graudation Requirements
    What classes should a homeschooler take during the high school years?

  • Do You Need a Diploma?
    Examining the question of whether or not homeschoolers need a high school diploma

  • Military Enlistment for Homeschoolers
    The latest update on homeschool diploma requirements for enlisting in the military

  • Compulsory School Age Law
    Understanding Maryland's minimum and new maximum ages for mandatory school attendance

  • "Approved" Virtual School Courses
    MSDE approved online high school classes

  • MVA School Verification - Driver License Requirements
    Understanding how the school verification form is applied to homeschoolers

  • Work Permits
    How homeschoolers can get a work permit signed in Maryland

  • Educator Discounts
    List of Educator Discounts available to homeschool families.

  • Returning to Public School
    The process for enrolling your formerly homeschooled child into a Maryland public school

  • Applying to a Public Magnet School
    Overview of when and how homeschoolers can apply to elementary, middle, and high school magnet school programs

  • Public Magnet School Programs - By County
    Contact information about magnet school programs throughout the state



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