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  • Notification of Intent to Homeschool
    The form you must file to officially begin homeschooling in Maryland

  • County Homeschool Liaisons
    Contact information for Maryland's 24 Homeschool Liaisons

  • Kindergarten Birthday Cut-Off
    Details about the official age that children must begin Kindergarten

  • Compulsory School Age Law
    Understanding Maryland's minimum and new maximum ages for mandatory school attendance

  • Homeschool Compliance

  • FAQs About County Reviews
    Knowing your rights under COMAR and what can be requested by a county homeschool liaison

  • MSDE FAQs About County Reviews
    The state Department of Education's interpretation of COMAR and county reviews

  • Umbrella Groups
    Understanding the basic difference between an umbrella group versus support groups and co-ops

  • What Makes a Good Umbrella?
    Pointers for evaluating if you're getting your money's worth

  • Transitioning Back to Public School

  • Returning to Public School
    The process for enrolling your formerly homeschooled child into a Maryland public school

  • Applying to a Public Magnet School
    Overview of when and how homeschoolers can apply to elementary, middle, and high school magnet school programs

  • Public Magnet School Programs - By County
    Contact information about magnet school programs throughout the state

  • Other Resources

  • Educator Discounts
    List of Educator Discounts available to homeschool families.

  • The Homeschool Mom
    Articles and resources to help get you started

  • Homeschool Central
    Articles and resources to help get you started



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